• May 7, 2020
  • Macer has the R&D in the DNA.

Since its birth in 1973, the objective of the company located in Almassora (Castellón) is to consolidate, year after year, as a reference of the sector.

The Spanish company, a member of the Asebec association, is committed to being a leader in the manufacture of molds for ceramic tiles, with more than 40 patents developed and four Alpha prizes awarded in Cevisama that endorse its work. Macer created a specific Research, Development and Innovation department in 2004, with the objective of professionalizing project management, improving coordination between internal teams and external research agents, and expediting the launch of results to the market.

Currently, its innovation processes follow three strategic lines or objectives. First, product innovation, based on the philosophy of continuous improvement, together with the use of the latest available technologies, materials, and a great team to offer the best product for our customers.

Process innovation is the second line of work, with the progressive implementation of the latest trends in digital transformation and Industry 4.0 and with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness to provide the best customer service.

Finally, Macer is committed to open innovation. Because much of the knowledge is also in the environment, the company has always followed a philosophy of continuous collaboration to improve its products and processes, both with suppliers, customers or external research groups of organizations such as the UJI, ITC, Aidimme, ICV-CSIC, UPV or AIN.