• September 2, 2020
  • Macer take part in the new ceramic pressing course of ATC.

The course will take place from 7 to 14 September between the headquarters of the ATC and the facilities of Macer. It will be a semi-attendance activity, with the option of an on-line course through the Zoom application or an on-site course, with a maximum capacity of 15 participants with social distance.

Prices are for students/unemployed associates 30€, associates 60€ and non-associated 80€.


This course is aimed at ceramic technicians, technical specialists, press section managers and maintenance managers of a ceramic company.


Among the speakers, the presence of Juan Boix from ITC, José Antonio Pérez and Luis Castillo from MACER, Manuel Orts from SACMI and Óscar Catalá from Siti B&T Group.