• May 7, 2020
  • New mould loading system by progressive powderfall

Macer SL, leading company in design and moulds production for ceramic tiles field, has developed an innovative mould loading system by progressive powderfall.
This new system helps ceramic tiles companies to get a high quality product with less cost, at same time it enables a healthy work atmosphere and reduce environment impact of the process. The main European companies rules make to have success and be socially liable with staff and environment.

    • The main features of this new advice to the tiles producers are the following ones:
    • Powder loss savings: the new system avoid a considerable powder loss during loading process, therefore it improves environment quality, and saving cost for the company, mainly because raw material cost and cleaning time cost.
    • Improves polishing products quality: the new system avoids reflections over good face of the tile, produced by conventional grids shape, therefore increases 1st quality product.
    • Improves bulk density distributions of pressed tiles, so it allows improving squaring on fired tiles, therefore increases 1st quality product.
      Improves safety conditions of presses staff in two ways:

      • Reduction of powder dust in the atmosphere improving air quality around presses zone.
      • Avoids punches supplements for correcting loading defects, performance which could provoke bad pressings and punches falling from upper magnetic plates with a high risk for the presses staff

One more time, R&D works linked to customers improving, it has allowed to get a great solution for the ceramic field, both for providing process optimization and for being economic, reliable and easy for implementation, features of great importance for innovation are really to great value