MACER S. L. was founded in 1973 located in Almazora, in the nucleus of the ceramic sector in Castellón. The company is specialized in the manufacture and rectify of moulds for presses of the ceramic tile companies. Nowadays we have more than 125 employees and two factories.

The original plant has 14.000 sqm. area and 11.000 sqm. workshop. The second plant has 3.000 sqm. of useful area. Macer S.L. operates to 90% of the Spanish ceramic tile companies, with a 30% of sales destined for international markets. Our customers around the world from:  Brazil, Egypt, Algeria, Tunis, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Morocco, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri-Lanka…

From its foundation in the year 1973, MACER S.L. revolutionized the international industry dedicated to the ceramic mold, introducing the fi rst magnetic plate that facilitated the extraction of the punch. It also introduced in Spain the fi rst press to join the rubber to the punch, likewise it implanted the fi rst isostatic punch. From that innovative position that MACER S.L. showed from its foundation, until arriving to our days, the company has not stopped to present innovations of technical improvements in the complex process of production of the mold.

From its origin MACER S.L., has presented continuously more than 150 technical innovations. It has developed 42 different protections to the products and their denominations, highlighting the aspects related with the development of components, with the objective of improving the global operation of the product mold for ceramic pressing. The company has applied for its clients the state of the art technologies of last generation to solve the infi nite design and modelling proposals demanded by the ceramic sector.