Punch transporter table

The punch transporter table is a car which uses guides, allowing large format punches to be easily and safely removed from and introduced in the mould.

This type of device uses the latest mechanical technology, as it allows the change of upper or lower punches from small formats of 30×30 to large formats weighing around 350kg. Thanks to the punch transport table, the process can be managed with a simple control device, thereby avoiding overexertion and potential injuries or workplace accidents.

Some of the most notable characteristics of the transport table are:


  • Autonomous device with battery operation and incorporated charger.
  • Motorised device with 2 speeds.
  • Robust elevating bed with synchronised motorised spindles for safe elevation (approximate movement 300mm).
  • Extendible hinged telescopic head from 1000mm to 1300mm (depending on model), mobile over the elevating bed for centring the plates.
  • Electromagnet for extraction/placement of plates weighing up to 350kg (upper or lower). The position of the electromagnet is adjustable within the telescopic head to take the maximum advantage of the extendible movement.
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