MSF/SFS double mould

The MSF double mirror mould is constructed in two parts: the lower part  is the same than mirror mould, while the upper part is the entry type.

This double die box system allows the formation of tiles with a spacer and with the good face upwards. The advantage of the MSF/SFS double mirror moulds is its application in any kind of special relief, and in any technology


  • MSF isostatic upper section

On its upper section it has an incorporated isostatic system, supported by a specially made calculated guiding system, in order to achieve the best guarantees in the compensation system for a mould of these characteristics.

This type of mould incorporates all latest-generation improvements, such as quick connections, interior cleaning systems, mould centring systems using steel ball bearings, and a single-body isostatic punch plate. All of this guarantees greater reliability against potential accidental manoeuvres (bad loads).


  • MSF isostatic lower section

The MSF isostatic lower section mould is adapted to current ceramic requirements where quality is prioritized above all else, with even greater requirements for the dimensions of pieces. We incorporate the isostatic plate in this more advanced mould. This system allows the pressure between the different cavities to be balanced.

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