Ceramic moulds

Ceramic moulds are made based on the stage of pressing of the ceramic tiles, shaping them. Their quality directly affects the appearance and quality of the finished product.

The design of the mould is closely related with new products of the ceramic sector, due to both the dimensional characteristics of the ceramic tiles and its aesthetic. The mould design process must take into account both the characteristics of the product (type of ceramic paste, format, profile, relief, decoration and dimensions of the piece) and the pressing operations (type of press, type of feeder car, dimensional characteristics, transport system, etc.).

Ceramic moulds may be categorised into FIVE types based on their structural and functional characteristics: entry moulds, entry mirror moulds, MSF/SFS double mould, quick change moulds (CRS) and 380/440V moulds. The majority of moulds have same components, although there are differences between them in both structure and function.

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