Consulting and technical assistance.

We provide solutions, and personalise and adapt our product to your needs.

New ceramic product projects currently carried out involve the full design of the mould, encompassing dimensional, aesthetic and technical characteristics.

The objectives of our clients are studied to provide the best solution through a new product creation process, involving both analysis and interpretation of the information on needs and market expectations. We consult and analyse the sources of information from different design origins (such as trade fairs, specialized sector magazines, etc.), and thanks to fluid communication and ongoing contact between the different departments of Macer, we give our client what they seek and require.


Technical assistance

  • Each step leads us to create a product prototype in the best quality conditions required.

  • We provide ceramic solutions, offering personalisation and adapting our product to the needs of each client.

At Macer we work continuously to improve what we offer our clients, through developing new designs, improving products and improving technical assistance. To do so, we carry out continuous monitoring of the sector, especially with regard to the changing needs of clients and the development of technology.

Our technical office, which has 14 professionals including technical engineers, designers, industrial drafters and commercial technicians for consulting on both the

execution of new projects and resolving problems related with pressings, works to achieve each objective and requirement expressed to us by clients.