One of the drivers of the future of the ceramic sector: Research, Development and Innovation

The objective of the department is to improve the level, quality and market release of the technical advances of our products.

We carry out studies on new designs and research projects in the sector, both externally and internally, to incorporate new technologies into moulds, improving the level, quality and market release of all advances in our products.

The search for innovations and technological solutions allows us to be at the cutting-edge of the latest trends and knowledge applied to the ceramic industry. Thus, we offer our clients advanced solutions for their needs, focusing on producing a lower environmental impact and greater productivity in the process, ensuring that demand is fully satisfied.

One of the most notable points of our RD&I department is having professionals who have established our company, year after year, as the point of reference in the sector in all aspects of product quality and precision, constant improvement of processes and equipment, guarantee of technical service, effective delivery of the product, and continuous training of operators and managers.


Developments with ITC

Collaboration, research and development with ITC.

The Technological Institute for Ceramics (ITC) was created to respond to the many uncertainties and needs of the ceramic sector.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary team which forms the ITC and our qualified personnel, we have successfully undertaken research and development of different techniques and procedures which establish us as a company committed to advances in the ceramic sector.

Development of automatic controls and new product lines, as well as new automatic compensation systems of mould loading systems. Research into new methodologies which allow tiles of the same size to be obtained, undertaking of studies related with the operation of pressing of ceramic powders in industrial conditions, collaborations for the creation of new products for the ceramic sector, etc.