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01 About us

Our story began in 1973 in Castellón de la Plana.

Specifically at the centre of the ceramic sector, Almazora, and in the era when the tile sector was starting its spectacular take-off.

From the first moment, we specialised in the manufacture and rectification of moulds for presses of the tile industry. We began with enthusiasm, which we still maintain, and with a vision and force. In this way we reached and revolutionised the industry at a national and international level. During that time, we presented the international ceramic mould sector the first magnetic plate which facilitated the extraction of the punch, and in Spain introduced the first press for connecting the rubber to the punch and the first isostatic punch.

Additionally, we provided solutions and guaranteed experience and service, as we worked to offer the best service. This generated the trust that our clients placed in us, and which is placed in them, as our client is using the best service and product on the market with full safety and guarantees.


Our market

We currently have 150 employees and 3 factories. We work for 90% of the companies of the Spanish tile sector, and 40% of our manufacturing is for the international market.

We have clients in every country with a ceramic industry: Brazil, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Indonesia, India, Iran, Sri-Lanka, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Portugal, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Malaysia, Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, etc.

03 Quality policy

We demonstrate our commitment as a company through the implementation of and compliance with a management system oriented toward client service.

Therefore, at Macer:

    We design, manufacture and maintain the ceramic moulds in accordance with the requirements of the client and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
    We promote knowledge of the quality policy, as well as its comprehension, application and maintenance at all organisational levels of the company, including (where applicable) suppliers and external clients.
    We develop, establish and implement a quality system which includes the objectives and measures necessary for proper fulfilment of the quality policy.
    We remain open to every technological innovation of the ceramic sector.
    ¡We collaborate, support and motivate every preventive action planned for resolving problems and which improve all our processes, products and services.
    ¡We always encourage honesty with both internal and external clients, as well as with suppliers.
    We raise awareness and train the whole company on the quality policy in order to achieve business excellence.
    We fulfil the requirements and needs contracted by the client, as well as established legal and regulatory aspects.
    We continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system.
  • Update: 1st of January 2020
04 Awards and certifications

For us, being among the best companies in the ceramic sector is a point of pride which also encourages us to enforce our values, as they are the pillars which have allowed us to reach this point.


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