Silicone/leather bellows

The silicone or leather bellows protect the space between the eject plate and the bed plate of the powder imput, eliminating the problems involved in this process.


  • Silicone bellows

    The main difference between traditional bellows and silicone bellows lies in silicone not deforming, not degrading and repelling dust. Notable among the advantages of this type of bellows are its longer route of extraction (maximum extraction route of current presses), its better design, thereby improving its lifespan (greater thickness and double fold) and its compatibility with any other kind of manufactured mould.


  • Leather bellows

    Traditional bellows for moulds are made exclusively from a single piece of leather, although they have additional elements, such as stiffening rods located on the inner sides of the leather folds, allowing good resistance to folding without breaking.

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