• March 18, 2022

Ceramic technicians and specialists have attended the ceramic pressing course from 13 to 18 March in ATC headquarters. This course, which is made in partnership with Macer, has interested more than 30 proffessionals, who have participated in the course online and in-person. The objective of the course was to capacitate ceramic technicians with required knowledge in the field of pressing ceramic tiles, in order to performance the best way possible in their job.

The different sessions of the course covered the basic principles governing the ceramic tile pressing process, the importance of apparent density in the manufacturing process of ceramic tiles, the basic notions on the operation of an industrial hydraulic press, the different methods for measuring apparent density and its automatic control, the operation and usefulness of the different types of ceramic moulds, and the analysis methodology for detecting the origin of the most common defects in the manufacturing process of ceramic tiles. In addition, the aim was also to provide the students with “an overview of the industrial pressing process and the influence of the different variables that affect the pressing operation.”

José Antonio Pérez, the technical director of Macer who also participated in the course as a teacher, took a guided tour of the Macer facilities where students were able to visit the different sections of the company and learn about the process of design, production and assembly of ceramic moulds.


MACER guided tour