• May 7, 2020
  • Augmented reality to show the main characteristics of the molds

This Cevisama edition 2020, Macer SL trust again with the virtual reality to introduce us in spaces and simulated actions.

If in 2018 Macer had a vistual reality position with the roller coated simulation, a virtual visit to the company history and a 3D simulation of the new SFS mould development, this year Macer challenges for the augmented reality for the main characteristics introduction of the moulds production.

With the immersive technologies mould company follows developing new enterprise applications mean a real technological revolution.

Along the exhibition, Macer booth has introduced an application developed in service with independent way, together with the real mould and a big size display with a high resolution camera will sequence highlighted pieces and relevant functions of the moulds designed and produced by Macer.

This new immersive experience is an application of the augmented reality developped and produced  by a Castellon company named “Infograf” shared with the New technologies of Images Institute belonging to Jaime I University of Castellón